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Hustle for Huskies

About Hustle for Huskies

          BCMS STEM Academy and the Hawthorne School District have always recognized the value of providing our students with a well-rounded educational experience that includes after-school sports programs. Our teachers recognize the benefits, both physical and mental, that these extracurricular activities provide for our student body.

          In fact, for many years our coaches volunteered countless hours teaching our students the fundamentals of sportsmanship and a variety of physical skills vital to all athletes. Sadly, they were also burdened by the need to raise funds to pay for everything from referees to team essentials, which became ever more stressful during the financial crisis in California. At the height of the financial crisis, when many schools were downsizing their programs, BCMS' staff developed the idea of hosting an annual fundraiser to celebrate the academic and athletic accomplishments of our students that would simultaneously help finance the needs of 10 different boys and girls teams on campus.

          From that passion to do what's right for our students, our yearly Hustle for Huskies event was born. Now in its 5th year, we can proudly report that this event has taken on a life of its own as both a fundraising and community building event. None of this would be possible without the generosity and support of community members and surrounding businesses alike.

Thank you and we hope to see you at

Hustle for Huskies 

How to bid:

          Welcome to our fifth annual Hustle for Huskies event! This is our 2015 silent auction page, and we are excited to bring you some amazing items, provided to us by our generous supporters and dedicated staff.

          To bid on an item, fill out the bidding form, and submit it. Please note that our webpage does not update automatically, but it is updated frequently throughout the day (a lot more frequently on the day of the event).

Bidding should be made in increments of $5

If you have any questions about our silent auction, please email:

Mrs. Villegas (

Ms. Middleton (